M 500 S-Flow

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G Flow Series 1Configuration: offset/center
Length: 11 IN, 13 IN
Overall Length: 14 IN, 16 IN
Inlet Dia: 1.75 IN, 2 IN
Muffler Type: G-Flow Series

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M 532 M 500Specification

Inlet Diameter: 1.75 IN, 2 IN
Piping Material: Aluminized
Muffler Body Height: 5 IN
Muffler Body Width: 5 IN
Muffler Body Length: 11 IN, 13 IN
Muffler Overall Length: 14 IN, 16 IN
Muffler Body Diameter: 5 x 5 IN
Muffler Body Material: Stainless
Muffler Body Finish: Polished
Muffler Body Shape: Round
Muffler Weld Finish: TIG Weld
Muffler Configuration: offset/center
Muffler Type: G-Flow Series
Sound Level: Moderate

Additional information

Muffler Length (INCH)

11 IN, 13 IN

Inlet Diameter (INCH)

1.75 IN, 2 IN


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